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Week-long Garbage – Free Country?


Recently, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for a week-long garbage-free country. India is responsible for the production of 277 million tonnes of solid waste every year, which is likely to reach more than 380 million tonnes by 2030. 

In light of such an environmental waste threat, Prime Minister Modi launched a week-long garbage-free India campaign last week following Independence Day. While the campaign was ambitious and one of hopeful nature amid the coronavirus, much have raised concern over the lack of magnitude in regards to a mere one-week initiative, which would barely serve the given context of waste generation in India. 

A World Bank study revealed that India was the number one highest waste-generating nation with an annual average growth rate of 4%. On a daily basis, according to the India Today report published in 2020, the country produces more than 1.5 lakh metric tonnes of solid waste, becoming a significant cause for rising pollution levels. Furthermore, of the total collected waste, only a fifth have been revealed to be processed while the remaining 80% were dumped in landfill sites. 

Modi, in his speech, said that India as a nation must move forward together, “preparing compost out waste, water recycling, and getting rid of single-use plastic.” South Delhi Mayor Anamika and East Delhi Mayor Nirmal Jain also expressed their resolve to make Delhi garbage-free as part of the campaign. The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of the participation of society and people to make the campaign a success.

With hope, East Delhi Mayor Jain said, “we will work jointly to make successful the campaign launched by prime minister Modi. We have requested all the area councillors to organize intensive cleanliness drives in their wards with the help of corporation officials. 

The results of the campaign have not been immense and country-wide but have set the atmosphere for further discussion and policy evaluation regarding environmental waste regulations.

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