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The Wastewater Problem in India


Among the series of issues that India currently faces with improper waste management, one of the greatest concerns is wastewater management. Recently, an estimated 60% of Indian households were not aware of the proper management of wastewater and has prompted the government to launch a major latrine-building initiative that aimed to provide access to clean facilities for five years. Waste-borne diseases are common in India and have claimed the lives of more than 350,000 children. 

Despite the renewed efforts and focus on the future and work towards solving the problem, it is of little doubt that the road to sustainability and environmental prosperity is one that will take considerable time. In order to make a rapid change and bring an action to the forefront in Indian society, it is of the utmost importance that various investments are made in different sectors ensuring secure management of urban waste. 

Swapeco is working towards the alleviation of various waste mismanagement in India and hopes to introduce new initiatives that will properly address the current waste crisis. Swapeco provides a formal and organized system for clearing scraps. Scrap pickers arrive at your doorstep at a time and day that works best for you. The waste you give away will add a few extra money into your pockets while also maintaining a cleaner environment near home. Our organization is making every effort to keep our environment clean and generate employment for scrap dealers, management teams, technicians, ad service engineers. We hope that India and the world together will quickly find a remedy to the current coronavirus crisis and hope we continue to show concern for our environment. 

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