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Kabadiwala: The Green Merchant


Waste generation has become a characteristic feature of living beings.  For whatever we buy or utilize, we produce garbage. While we continue to work as waste generators, a scrap dealer, on the other hand, is a person who collects the waste or scrap and deals it for profit. Briefly, the Kabadiwala collects the scrap from society, landfills, and other concerned places.  Further, he segregates the scrap into different categories depending upon their value. The metal scrap such as a non-working, discarded machinery or appliance from homes and companies is segregated from other scrap material. The scrap merchant processes the separated metal scrap further to make it favorable to deal with the companies. Similarly, other scraps like paper, rags, bags, etc are processed by Kabadiwala. The final outcome produced using paper and rags as raw materials are accepted almost everywhere nowadays, due to its eco-friendly features. The importance of Kabadiwala is, hence summarised as

  • An agent gathering for buying scrap from everywhere such as home, companies, hospitals, landfills, etc.
  • An agent categorizing the collected scrap to add more value to it.
  • An agent processing the segregated scrap so as to sell it to the stores and companies.

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