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Kabadiwala System: Change maker in Recycling System of India


 Sometimes, you see little boys and girls picking up plastics at railway stations, bus stops or walking randomly near a garbage pile. Or you might have seen men and women on the streets asking for “kabaad.” It has been an old age practice to collect worn-out scraps from the households. Such collectors of scrap are known in India as kabadiwalas, raddiwalas or bhangar walas. They take their bag filled with scrap back and either sell it to shops or factories that recycle it or reuse it. They do this for money, in exchange. 

The current government has been urging its citizens to build Clean India owing to degrading the Environmental Performance Index. The recent idea is to say no to plastics since its the largest waste being accumulated. Some companies have come up with brilliant ideas to repackage their products with recycled plastics. 

Collecting scraps from home or the road has been a declining trend in recent years due to the increasing population and technology. People tend to hoard junk at their spaces and wait for months for kabadiwaalas to show up. These hoarded materials mainly contain, cardboards, newspapers, glass, e-waste, etc. Some of these can be harmful as well so putting them away is the best we can do. This waste can have environmental hazards as well so the sooner they are recycled or reused the better it is. 

 Seeking scrap dealers can be an exhausting job but your worries are over with Swapeco. Founded in 2019, Swapeco helps people ward off their unwanted materials and sell them to these scrap dealers. Just download the app or visit the website, and choose a date to pick up your scrap. Our dealer with ISO marked weighing machine will get notified and visit at your door. You can ask for either money or groceries in return. Was doing away scrap ever that easy? We believe in organized and formal sector work where you will have a hassle-free experience. For further details you can get in touch with our customer care executive, the number is available on our website. 

The materials that are collected are then sold to shops that further divide them into reusable and recyclable products. These are then sold individually to factories that are proceeding the process. Disposing of scrap or any other waste in the open does a lot of harm to the environment than one can imagine. E-waste mainly discharges harmful chemicals that may directly or indirectly harm both the environment and mankind. Therefore getting it collected by a suitable organization can help make use of it and also evade harmful effects from the area around.

Swapeco guarantees the best service through its easy pick up of “kabaad” so get started by downloading the app or visiting our website at swapeco.comand get rid of all the scrap.

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