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How and why sell your scrap to online kabadiwala?


Delhi’s pollution levels have been soaring up to the emergency rung for the past few years. While there’s not much we can do at an individual level to control the industrial or agricultural pollution, we can make a few changes in our lifestyle such as selling our scrap to online kabadiwala to reduce the amount of waste that we contribute to the landfills.

Although the benefits of recycling such as conservation of resources, conservation of energy, reduction in air pollution, etc. are in itself enough to advocate the cause, there’s another silver lining in the cloud when you can make money through the process of selling scrap to the online kabadiwala near you.

A lot of scrap is being generated in our house that can be recycled instead of being thrown away. Be it an old electronic item such as a refrigerator, an air conditioner, or old newspapers, each item that you decide to keep away from the landfill and recycle, will make a huge difference. 

With the latest technological advancements, we can now get our stuff recycled and be an environment saver with just a few clicks. Numerous online platforms would do the job for you and pay you for all the recyclables you provide.

Swapeco is one such initiative that is dedicated to alleviating the waste management crisis in India. With its easy-to-use application and website, you can schedule a pick-up for your scrap instantly and hassle-free. After scheduling the pick-up, a trained and well-equipped executive will visit your place, collect the scrap, weigh it using the ISO-certified digital weighing scale, and pay you for your scrap in your desired mode of payment.

Swapeco is an online kabadiwala or scrap dealer providing doorstep zer-contact scrap pick-up services.

You can sell a range of items to your online kabadiwala including paper, metals, cardboard, light e-waste, heavy e-waste, plastics, etc. To know about the price of each item, you can either download the Swapeco application from the play store or visit their website.

Steps to selling your scrap to Swapeco – the online kabadiwala for recycling

  • Go to Schedule a Pick-up and enter your details.
  • A Swapeco executive will reach out to you to confirm the details of your pick-up.
  • A pick-up team will come to your place to collect the scrap.
  • Get paid instantly via cash/bank transfer.

To know how much you can probably earn from your household scrap, visit – How much you can earn from junk!

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