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Biomedical Waste management Crisis in COVID-19


Recently, one of Swapeco’s blog series posts was on the growing biomedical waste management crisis amid the COVID-19 health situation and we are back with updated information released on the 6th of August. According to the Inquirer and The Strait Times, India is currently generating more than 710 tonnes of biomedical waste on a daily basis, of which COVID-related waste covers approximately 101 tonnes. 

The preceding figure was released by the government just weeks ago and is likely to have increased since then. The current predicament of medical waste has brought to the forefront a chronic failure in India’s waste management. Specifically, “poor segregation of waste at Indian households” along with the lack of enforcement within urban and local communities. A continuation would indicate a more tough process for India to overcome the waste crisis and COVID-19. 

Biomedical waste from healthcare facilities and scientific laboratories is collected by various biomedical waste management or treatment facilities. Improper disposal of biomedical waste or improper biomedical waste management, especially those that relate to the coronavirus has led to adverse health and environmental impacts. 

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Stay safe! 

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