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Antarctica witnessed its hottest day last month while Delhi had its coldest in a century. Here’s what you can do about it.


Antarctica recently recorded a record 18.3°C early last month making it the hottest day in the history of the continent. Delhi on the other hand had its coldest winter in a hundred years with a temperature of 2°C. Many such alarming phenomena have been noticed in the past few years due to Climate change. And we humans are the ones to be blamed.

The life cycle of Plastic- production, refining and disposal is chief among the contributors to climate change due to its basis in fossil fuels. In 2019 the life-cycle of global plastic production – from extraction to disposal – was equivalent to the impact on the climate of 189 500 megawatt coal-fired power stations. By 2050, the report predicts, the global plastic footprint will be equivalent to 615 coal plants running at full capacity.

As calamitous as it seems, it’s not too late. We still have a chance at saving the planet if we follow the simple mantra that we have all been taught young- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

1. Reduce– Start reducing your consumption of single use plastic. Refuse to take plastic covers at shopping malls. Start using metal or steel containers instead of plastic ones. Use cartons instead of plastic for storage. Say no to plastic crockery when using food delivery services. As small as these steps may seem, you would be making a huge difference.

2. Reuse– Before you dispose of anything, consider whether it can be used elsewhere. Buy reusable bottles rather than plastic. You can also use plastic containers as stationery stands, flower vases and much more.

3. Recycle– Whenever you clean your house, make sure that you separate your waste into wet and dry. Wet and organic waste can be used for composting in your home garden while paper and plastic can be recycled. Make sure you drop these off at the nearest recycling center. In this era of digital technology, E-waste has also become a large concern. E-waste is both dangerous to the health as well as the environment and needs to be safely disposed of.

But not everybody has access to recycling centers and we at Swapeco are more than happy to help. Just a tap of the screen or a phone call will have us at your service. Not only will we collect all types of scrap including plastic and E-waste and ensure it is responsibly disposed of, but you shall receive payments both in cash and kind for your contribution towards a greener planet. In short, we help you clean your home and the environment while you get paid for it. So what are you waiting for? Call us right away! 

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    We always studied about the 3 Rs’ and 5 Rs’ but its time to implement these.

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