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A Devastating Waste Management Problem Plaguing Delhi


India has the second-largest population in the world, with more than 1.3 billion people, yet it is home to one of the worst waste management structures in the world. With rising economic inequality, India’s irresponsible waste management systems have left the relatively poor to suffer from polluted rivers to severe air pollution. In addition, a lack of strong regulations and legislations that enforce industrial waste management is at the core of such an all-encompassing threat. These issues have been historically present, but recently, a greater degree of progressive policies for the environment have been emerging to handle India’s waste management problem.

The President of the National Solid Waste Association in India referred to Delhi as once being the cleanest city but now is “filthy” in terms of its conditions regarding environmental degradation.

The problem began during the 1980s when tech companies started settling in the region of Delhi. The establishment of tech companies led to massive economic growth, but the trash infrastructure in the region was not extended and developed to the extent to accommodate such an increase in population and industrial activity. As a result, the trash was often dumped on land outside of the city. An accumulation of such practice has become the central source of environmental degradation and waste mismanagement in Delhi.

While governmental policies are essential in dealing with such issues, a cultural shift must occur in India. The lack of proper waste management education among the general public is one of the most significant impediments to more environmentally friendly surroundings. Convincing millions of people to suddenly not dump trash anywhere is a challenging task that must be addressed before the pursuance of complicated regulatory and legislative solutions. As such, India needs both a communal change along with swift government intervention to tackle the growing population rate and environmental predicament.

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